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Month: July 2023

The Role of Orthodontics in Improving Facial Aesthetics: Enhancing Your Smile and Confidence

Posted on July 25, 2023

The team at Best Smiles Orthodontics is here to help you obtain the smile of your dreams. According to orthodontic industry experts, 47% of teens reported an increase in their self-esteem once the Invisalign treatment began, compared to 22% of teenagers who opted for metal braces. Whichever type of orthodontic treatment you choose, it can… Read more »

Maintaining Oral Hygiene with Braces: Tips and Best Practices

Posted on July 24, 2023

Braces are an effective tool for orthodontic treatment. Maintaining good oral hygiene when wearing them can be a challenge, especially for kids. According to orthodontic experts, 75% of the 4 million people in the US wearing braces aren’t older than 18. Here are a few tips to help you and your family keep up with… Read more »