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Braces for Adults: What to Expect

Posted on September 3, 2020

Braces for Adults: What to Expect

Knowing what to expect when you are considering braces for adults can help you to make an informed decision about your smile. Currently, there are about 4 million people wearing braces in the United States with about 1 million of those wearers being adults.

Braces for adults can help to correct a wide range of dental issues. Not everyone is able to obtain early orthodontic treatment. If you are an adult and you are wondering what you can expect from braces for adults, this post may answer some of your questions.

Start With the Best Orthodontist

Your search for braces in central Florida should start with searching for the best orthodontist in the area. A simple online search for the “best orthodontist near me” is a good place to start.

Specifically, look for an adult orthodontist who offers a range of solutions to correct your smile (including Invisalign clear aligners).

Your First Visit

During your first visit, the orthodontist will evaluate your teeth. If you have any dental records, you can bring them with you or have them sent over in advance. You will likely have X-rays performed during your visit. After your exam, the orthodontist will talk to you about your options.

Your orthodontist will discuss the specifics of your needs and your options. The orthodontist will help you to make the right decision about which braces are right for you or whether other options may be available.

Getting Impressions

If you decide on Invisalign aligners (as most adults do), you may have your impressions made at your first appointment. If, for whatever reason, they cannot be done at that appointment, you will be scheduled to come back in to have these impressions cast. Once the impressions are taken, your aligners will be made. You can expect to be fitted with your Invisalign trays in about two to four weeks.

Frequently Asked Questions About Adult Braces

Many patients are concerned about experiencing pain at the orthodontist office. Getting braces for adults can often be pain-free. You may feel some discomfort as your teeth shift into the proper position, but beyond that, you will remain comfortable throughout the treatment time.

Another big question about adult braces is “how long does the treatment take?” That question is one only your orthodontist can answer. The amount of time it takes to get results depends on what corrections need to be made. However, most orthodontic treatments can be completed within one to two years.

Another often asked question is whether the aligners can be removed. The answer is yes; you can take the trays out to eat and to brush your teeth, but you should put them right back in.

Make an appointment today with Central Florida’s most trusted adult orthodontist, Dr. Best, to learn more about adult braces and how they can give you the smile you have always wanted.