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Consider Invisalign, The Braces For Adults

Posted on April 1, 2020

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Do you remember having braces as a child? As a preteen? As a teenager? Rubber bands? Retainers? Do you recall the discomfort of foreign material in your mouth when those braces were first put on? Then, how about the aching pain after an appointment at the orthodontist office when the metals on your teeth were tightened or adjusted? Do you remember looking at a wheel of colors when choosing what color band you’d like to display on your awkward smile? Many do. For many, braces were a hallmark of youth that resulted in the beautifully straight teeth that made all that pain worth it. Others, however, may never have had that passage rite growing up. Either their parents could not afford them or did not think the orthodontic services valuable.

According to the American Association of Orthodontists, an evaluation appointment is recommended to be scheduled at the earliest sign of orthodontic issues, and this should happen typically before the age of seven. However, many parents either do not know of this recommendation or do not care to follow it very strictly, if at all. This may lead to issues with alignment of the teeth, such as an over-bite or under-bite, crookedness, or overcrowding.

There are various reasons why braces don’t have a place in many individuals’ early years, including the financial investment, or perhaps the perceived awkwardness and/or pain involved in the process. However, in present day, there are new developments in orthodontics.

An Orthodontist For All Ages

First and foremost however, let’s rid ourselves of the idea that braces are only for children. For those who never had the opportunity growing up, there also exist braces for adults. There is no reason why age should limit an individual’s access to orthodontic services.

Oh no, I’m already in my early thirties. I couldn’t possibly wear braces. That would be embarrassing!

My answer to that? News flash, there is no age limit for obtaining straight teeth. If you haven’t had braces before becoming a legal adult at age eighteen, you’re resigned to a lifetime of uncorrected bite? No way.

I would like to note however, that on the flip side, it isn’t absolutely necessary to seek out orthodontic services. Do with your teeth what you will! Simply, I’d like to rid adults (who do want to undergo the process of obtaining straight teeth) of the notion that orthodontics is only for kids.

I digress.

Let us move onto the new developments in orthodontic services.


We’ve all heard of Invisalign before. Perhaps you’ve seen commercials, heard acquaintances mention the word. Perhaps, if you have been considering visiting an adult orthodontist, you have already also been considering going through with the investment.

Well, if you have already been considering it, it may very well be worth the investment to you!

What is Invisalign, you ask? Invisalign is essentially another method of straightening an individual’s teeth. The device aligns teeth gradually, over time, by fitting over your bite and making minute adjustments with each new aligner. Since the device is clear, and form-fitting however, it is significantly less visible to others around you whether you are wearing the aligners or not.

For the self-conscious – or for those who simply prefer to keep their decision to invest in orthodontics as an adult to themselves – this may be the ideal option.

Even in those who are not yet adults, the Invisalign method for straight teeth has had some advantages when compared to the more classic braces option. In a survey involving teenagers, 47% of those who wore Invisalign had boosted self-esteem throughout treatment, as opposed to the 22% of those who wore metal braces.

Regardless, whether you have already decided on any treatment or are on the fence, it wouldn’t hurt to give a nearby orthodontist a call. Keep in mind. If your goal is straight teeth, do what keeps you most comfortable. The best orthodontist for you is the one with whom you feel secure when deciding on such an investment.