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Do You Know When You Should Take Your Child to See an Orthodontist?

Posted on June 1, 2021

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You know the saying, “It’s better to handle problems sooner rather than later.” That saying especially goes for your child when they are facing orthodontic problems. The sooner they visit an orthodontist, the better. Do you know if your child needs care yet? Look out for the following signs before searching for an “orthodontist near me”.

Watch for These Specific Signs

  • Thumb-sucking
  • Continued pacifier use beyond three or four years of age
  • Breathing more through the mouth
  • Regular snoring when sleeping
  • Excessive gaps between permanent teeth
  •  Noticeable overbite or under-bite
  •  Permanent teeth are crooked
  •  Teeth are too close
  •  Teeth overlap
  • Jawbone popping when chewing, biting, or talking
  • Cheek biting happens frequently
  •  There are problems chewing and biting

Most people believe that teens and pre-teens are the ideal ages to take children to the orthodontist office. However, there are many reasons to find an “orthodontist near me” and take your child for an evaluation sooner. Per the American Association of Orthodontists, you should schedule an evaluation the moment you see any sign of orthodontic problems, but don’t wait any later than the age of seven when you see early signs.

Gain Many Benefits from Early Developmental Orthodontic Services

There are many benefits associated with finding an “orthodontist near me” and taking your child at an early age. When problems are addressed sooner it prevents them from getting worse. Other issues can also be prevented while developing as children grow older.

The Best Orthodontist Can Spot Subtle Problems

Locating the best “orthodontist near me” is the key to finding subtle problems with emerging teeth and jaw growth while your child still has some baby teeth. Yes, your child may appear to have straight teeth, but there could still be problems present that only orthodontists can detect. A check-up could also show that your child’s bite is perfectly fine. It’s better to know these things as soon as possible regardless of the outcome.

Early Orthodontic Treatment Monitors Growth and Development

It is recommended that your child’s dental growth and development are monitored by an orthodontist. If problems are indicated, treatment can begin at the right time for your child. If you were to wait when it comes to finding an “orthodontist near me”, your child wouldn’t benefit from early treatment.

Early treatments can prevent acute problems. It can also make treatment times less complicated and shorter. Make sure your child doesn’t have to deal with serious orthodontic problems. Once their jaws have finished growing it can be harder to achieve better results. Schedule an appointment with an orthodontist for all ages.

The Benefits of Early Treatment Are Impressive

Early treatment from an orthodontist ensures that your child receives the best care when it comes to jaw growth and a lowered risk of trauma to their protruded front teeth. Harmful oral habits can be pinpointed so they are corrected before any real harm can happen. Permanent teeth can also be guided into a straight position for an improved appearance. Essentially, early treatment gives your child the best chance at gaining a beautiful, healthy smile.

What If Your Child Needs Braces?

If it has been determined that your child needs braces, they will not get them until their baby teeth have all fallen out. This is usually around the ages of ten to thirteen. Before they get braces, their orthodontist may suggest other treatments that will benefit them before they get braces.

Problems with gaps or crooked teeth call for the use of retainers with small wires. This will assist in guiding developing teeth into a better position. When they are old enough for braces, your child may not need to wear braces as long as other children who didn’t start treatment before they became teenagers. Schedule an appointment for your child to receive early treatment and get the best out of orthodontic care.