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The Top Reasons to Visit Orthodontists Near Me

Posted on August 24, 2021

Image of young lady with orthodontist over her before checking oral cavity

Orthodontists are experts in helping people have a better smile. Orthodontists often help correct issues with teeth that may be causing problems, such as spacing between the teeth, overcrowding of the teeth, misalignment of the bite, and more. These issues can lead to pain and discomfort for patients when chewing or talking. A common myth about orthodontics is that it’s only for children–though many adults do see an orthodontist because they want to improve their smile or prevent future dental problems. Here are reasons why you should visit orthodontists near me today.

1. You Want to Have a Great Smile

Orthodontists help improve smiles and prevent future dental issues with their services. A common problem for orthodontic patients is spacing between teeth, also known as diastema. Having more than one tooth space can cause pain when chewing on hard foods, such as apples or carrots. By visiting orthodontists near me and having braces placed to close the spaces, you can have a beautiful smile that’s comfortable to show off.

2. Braces Are More Affordable Than You Think

Most people think that orthodontics is out of their budget, but low-cost braces and low-cost dental plans are available to many people. Orthodontists near me may even have a low cost service for patients in need or offer low cost payment options.

Financing is also an option for people who need to pay over time, which is often more affordable. There are also many programs and services offered by dental insurance companies that can help drastically lower the price of your orthodontic care overall.

3. You Have Plenty of Orthodontic Options

You may think there’s only one choice when it comes to orthodontics, but there are actually a variety of different types of solutions for straightening teeth. They include traditional braces, aligners, Invisalign, and more. Most orthodontists will discuss with you the different options for your specific needs and help you work out what is best for you.

4. You Want More Self-Confidence

It’s no secret that straightening your teeth with braces for adults can give you a boost in confidence when talking or smiling at others. The extra attention on your teeth may make you feel more confident overall! Orthodontic treatment can help straighten crooked teeth and fix jaw misalignment, both of which can improve your smile and self-esteem.

5. Prevent Dental Problems

The issues mentioned above—overcrowding of the teeth, misalignment of the bite, and spacing between the teeth—can lead to painful dental issues for patients if they’re left untreated over time. Problems can include tooth decay, causing possible pain when eating, developing periodontal disease due to bacteria from food gathering around the teeth, or in the worst case, losing a tooth due to decay or disease. For these reasons and more, people often see orthodontists near me early on for an evaluation so that any issues can be corrected before they lead to damaging dental problems.

5. Braces Work Miracles in Adults

While most people associate braces with children, it is not unusual to see patients of all ages wearing braces today. Adult orthodontics has become more popular than ever before because of how effective it can be at improving the health of your teeth as well as giving you a great smile.

Others may decide to correct irregularities in their bite if they have discomfort when eating certain foods such as nuts or crunchy snacks. Orthodontic treatment is also commonly recommended for adult patients experiencing difficulty breathing while sleeping, difficulty chewing food as they and their jaw are aging or stiffening of the bite that can lead to TMJ joint pain.

Many people decide to see an orthodontist because they want a better smile or are worried about future dental issues. By visiting orthodontists near me, you could get the braces that help fix your teeth while helping improve your confidence. If you live in Daytona Beach or Orange City and surrounding areas in Florida, contact Best Smiles Orthodontics, and we’ll help straighten your teeth with braces.