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Why You Should Consider Invisalign Instead of Braces for Your Child

Posted on November 4, 2020

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When you have a child who needs to go to the orthodontist and get fitted for braces, you need to consider what will be best for their orthodontic needs. An orthodontist for all ages in Orlando can help your child get straight teeth with the aid of Invisalign or other braces.

Invisalign may be the best option for your child when it comes to helping them get straight teeth. When you get your child Invisalign as opposed to another type of braces, you help them feel better about their smile as it improves. Keep in mind that there are around four million people wearing braces and the bulk of them are kids. You can help your child improve their smile as well as their confidence when you get them braces. Here’s why Invisalign could be the best option for your child’s needs.

You Give Your Child a More Discreet Experience

If your child is self-conscious about having braces in the first place, having clear aligners on their teeth can help make the experience easier for them. If their visit to the orthodontist office confirms that clear aligners will work for them to straighten their teeth as effectively as traditional metal braces would, you can allow your child to have more discreet dental care.

You Give Your Child More Comfortable Braces

Getting braces isn’t comfortable for anyone, but can be more uncomfortable for your young one if they have severely crooked teeth that need to be straightened. When you go to the orthodontist office, ask if Invisalign can work for your child. Clear aligners are fitted over the teeth, similar to a mouth guard, and not on top of the teeth like a traditional pair of braces are. The fit of clear aligners tends to be much more comfortable than the standard brackets and wires of traditional metal braces.

You Give Your Child a Modern Option

Some of the best dental measures are more modern than the ones you are familiar with from when you were a kid. Today’s orthodontic treatments can provide versatile care, including Invisalign. When you let your child use more modern treatments, you’re doing your part to make taking care of their teeth easier as they straighten them. Clear aligners, for example, can be removed for teeth brushing, something that cannot be done with traditional braces.

To find out if clear braces will work best for your child, ask about the service at their next appointment at Best Smiles Orthodontics. If you want low cost braces, then talk to Dr. Best to see if clear aligners or another style of braces will be right for your child. There are many options for braces you can consider for your child that fit within your budget. With the right care and treatment, your child can benefit from a variety of braces solutions.