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Your First Visit to the Central Florida Orthodontist

Posted on January 29, 2020

The type of dentist that you see matters in monitoring your child’s dental growth and development. An orthodontist is a dentist that is specifically trained to detect certain issues and evaluate your child’s dental growth. If you’re considering getting braces for yourself or your child, then you should also be contemplating the cost of an orthodontic visit. At Best Smiles Orthodontics, our Central Florida orthodontist’s goal is to give you the smile of your dreams using metal braces, clear braces, or Invisalign clear aligners.

We hope to clear up some frequently asked questions about what you can expect at your first visit to the Central Florida orthodontist below!

Your First Visit to the Central Florida Orthodontist | What's the Cost?

  1. What’s the right age to bring my child to a Central Florida orthodontist?

All you need to know are three words… 7 and up! That’s right, the American Association of Orthodontists recommends a child see the orthodontist for the first time by age 7. Why so early? Because at this age, our orthodontist, Dr. Best, can identify and intercept certain orthodontic issues before they become more severe. For our patients, this can mean eliminating the need for extractions, surgery or more complex orthodontic treatment in the future. Though only a small percentage of children will need orthodontic treatment at age 7, by bringing your child in at this early age, you ensure that they start orthodontic treatment at the most opportune time.

  1. What sort of things will the doctors check for during my first visit to the Central Florida orthodontist?

Dr. Best will evaluate tooth concerns, such as crowding, spacing, protrusion or impaction of teeth. We’ll also examine jawbone issues, which can cause imbalances. Our orthodontist will look at whether you have crossbites of one or more teeth which may result in jaw shifting and or unequal bone development. We’ll also look for oral habits, such as digit sucking or tongue thrusting, which can cause unwanted tooth movement. Dr. Best will also look for any medical issues, such as mouth breathing, allergies and joint dysfunction.

  1. Will I find out how much orthodontic treatment will cost me?

The cost of braces and clear aligners depend upon the severity of each person’s orthodontic issues. After your orthodontic evaluation, if treatment is recommended, our Treatment Coordinator will discuss costs, fees, and payment options with you. We strive to provide affordable orthodontic care because we believe NOTHING should stand in the way of an amazing smile! Best Smiles Orthodontics has different payment plans to suit your budget. We work hard to make orthodontics an affordable and worthwhile investment that you’ll cherish for life! We even have aligner programs that are specifically designed for those who need minor tooth movements, so the length of treatment and cost can be lower!

We do everything we can to make your first visit a breeze and hope we’ve answered most of your questions about what to expect during your first visit to our Central Florida orthodontist, Best Smiles Orthodontics. However, if you have any other questions at all, we’d be happy to answer them! Schedule your complimentary orthodontic consultation online or give us a call at 386-947-2063. We hope to see you soon!